About Us

Why Are We Here?

      Ah, the greatest of questions. A while ago while trying to write the ultimate essay on Vaisnavism for a university class, I discovered how difficult it is to obtain Vaisnava literature. Most of the large stores do not carry a good range, and even when they do have a relevant title, it will often be exhorbitantly priced. As an ecommerce developer, I was also shocked to see that many of the reputable publishing houses in India had web sites that were not only inneffective but insecure. Many do not use SSL to encrypt data and many use practices that are not allowed in the United States, such as collecting and storing the security codes from credit cards. These flaws, coupled with the risks involved in shipping from India, often make it difficult–inadvisable, even–to buy books directly. I have also had the experience of packages not arriving, upside down printing, inordinate delays, misleading claims as to inventory, etc. We have therefore embarked on this endeavor to bring the truths and trinkets of the Vaisnava world to the Western audience.

Our Mission

      Besides the aspect of bringing a convenient and secure service to those in the Western world who are interested in Vaisnavism, we also use proceeds from this site to further the preservation and development of Gaudiya Vaisnavism, especially in the realms of translation, digitization, and publication of texts.

Why “Loi Bazaar”?

      Loi Bazaar is the name of one of the central markets in the town of Vrindavan. Originally a cloth market (“lohi” = a type of chaddar or wrap), it has now become an outlet for all manner of devotional items, from bells to books, clothing to conch-shells. We are now supplementing that wonderful market with this online store for those unable to travel there–replacing the ricksha with “click sure.”


        Our shipping is charged at one flat rate. All orders are charged $3.95 for shipping.


      Obviously many of our books come from India. This means that the quality varies greatly. Over time, as our books are cataloged, we will introduce a grading system for the Indian titles. If you have questions about the condition of any book, feel free to contact us.


      If we don’t have a title that you are looking for, chances are that we can get it for you if it is available somewhere. Hunting for books is our hobby(!) so please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you have been looking for but have not found. We visit India regularly and have a network of publishers and distributors who should be able to locate just about anything in that vast and mystical land. Although our focus is Vaisnavism, we have access to all manner of titles.